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What you should know about purchasing a home with a Water Well?

Weather you are a first time homeowner or this is just your first time purchasing a home with a drilled water well as the main water source there are 3 main tests that are imperative to preform to ensure you are protecting your investment. Home inspectors are phenomenal at inspecting all aspects of the structure… Read more

Installing a New Drilled Water Well In Massachusetts and New Hampshire

If you are a homeowner or building a home in Massachusetts or New Hampshire that has been considering installing a drilled water well to suit your home or an irrigation water well this article has been written to help you further understand the process. The first step when considering this type of project would be… Read more

Understanding Water Wells In Grafton, Massachusetts

Do you want to install a water well outside of your home or business in Grafton, Massachusetts? If so, there are some steps you need to take in order to ensure the water well is installed properly. You need to work closely with the Grafton Board of Health and follow their rules and regulations so… Read more

I have a water well and no water! MA & NH Water Wells and Water Well Pump Servicing and Repairs

  Another frequent service call we get is “I have no water, can you please help?!”    Northeast Water Wells technicians are available to come out and help determine the cause of the problem and get your water going again!    We offer emergency service calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   Before giving… Read more