Copper Ingestion In Water and Diet Being Linked to Alzheimer’s

Copper Ingestion In Water and Diet Being Linked to Alzheimer’s


A new study by the University of Rochester Medical Center is linking Copper ingestion in the modern diet to Alzheimer’s disease. Copper reduces the bodies’ ability to flush toxic proteins from the brain and encourages these proteins to clump.  One of the main ways copper can be introduced into your system can be through an improperly maintained and tested water system. It’s rare for the raw element of copper to naturally be present in a groundwater aquifer however typically copper becomes present in water samples where the water has a low PH and corrodes the homes plumbing. PH has a neutral level of 7 anything falling below a level of 7 means that the water is acidic or corrosive. Corrosive water eats away at the raw materials of the plumbing and well system releasing the metals into the water themselves. Water quality should be tested at a minimum of bi-yearly for ph and basic minerals such as copper. If the PH is low or acidic its imperative to install and properly maintain filtration such as an Acid Neutralizer to assure you are not ingesting these harmful contaminants. Typically water well quality tests costs range from $50.00 to $400.00 depending on the level of testing and what elements and water contaminants being testing. To learn more call our office today.


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