If your water supply is inconsistent, not providing adequate volume, or your well has gone dry, well deepening may be your solution. Northeast Water Wells Inc provides water well service: deepening and remediation in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to affordably revitalize your well. By deepening your well you can enjoy increased flow, storage capacity and consistency at a fraction of the cost of digging a new well.

Water well deepening is a remediation option in which a drill rig is set up over an existing well after the pump has been removed. The driller then cleans and expands the existing well by removing debris that may have built up and digs deeper into the earth. By increasing the depth of the well, this increases the storage capacity by approximately 1.5 gallons per foot, and also stops debris from disrupting well flow and digs deeper into the water table to prevent fluctuation.

Learn more about remediation options at the water well remediation page or call to speak with a qualified professional.