First off Radon is a dangerous contaminant.

Radon is a carcinogen in the air and water, and its affects falls second to cigarettes. Radon is a very common contaminant it is said that 10,000 pcl of radon in water is equivalent to 1 pcl in the air! The benefits of testing for radon in the water are immense.

Be cautious of any contractor that immediately recommends GAC treatment. GAC treatment should really only be used in severe cases of radon, as not only is it the most expensive remediation option but also requires radioactive disposal costs. The best way to treat a well with radon in water is the aeration. Aeration has several options the most common and effective being the diffused bubble.

Diffused Bubble: uses an aeration method that hold the contaminated water, maximizing air to water contact. High pressure filtered air is sent through anti-fouling diffusers that distribute air into the treatment chambers. This process separates the radon from the water, and sends out clean water to the facility. The Radon that is captured in the air is sent out of the facility though piping releasing it where it can dispense away from humans.

Forty eight states have implemented radon action levels, if the radon concentration level is over the state specifications than treatment would be a standard. If your state does not have a specification the EPA suggests using 4000pcl as a action level. This level is not enforced, but is recommended when testing for radon.

Recommended Action Levels for Massachusetts is 10000 pcl and New Hampshire is 2000 pcl

Water Aeration Systems

AIRaider™ Diffused Bubble Aeration Systems

AIRaider systems have been successfully removing radon and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from well water for over a decade.


  • 99+% removal of radon gas
  • Preferred by professionals
  • Compact, patented* design
  • Utilizes small diameter vent line (2″)
  • Provides multi-stage aeration
  • Designed for remote air intake
  • Double-wall foam insulated tank (will not sweat)
  • All materials meet standards for drinking water use
  • Independently tested and proven effective
  • Easy to maintain for years of effective performance

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