Arsenic is present in one in five water wells in New Hampshire reports NHPR

  Arsenic is present in 1 in 5 wells inNew Hampshire

 Just this past monthNew Hampshirepublic radio featured an article regarding the presence of Arsenic inNew Hampshirewater wells urging water well owners to test water at the recommendation of the Department of Environmental Safety. I personally can attest as not only as a water well professional but also as a water well owner of the ongoing presence of this contaminant popping up in well water not only in New Hampshire but also Massachusetts. At our home we have Arsenic in our water well and filtration systems in place to remediate it out of our well system.  At Northeast Water Wells Inc we are continuously urging our clients to be responsible water well owners and follow detailed water quality analysis testing protocols set forth by the DEP and EPA recommendations. If you are unsure of the recommended water quality testing protocols please check out our website or our many blogs relating to the subject of water quality testing, Arsenic and other Water Contaminants.

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