Hydrofracture Process for Low Water Flow Remediation

Often when water wells are constructed they are not designed to produce sufficient water for the application or the water systems needs change over time creating the well ineffective for today’s standards. Hydrofracture is a generally effective common choice for remediation for a low flowing well system. An alternative to hydrofracturing could be to deepen the well in an effort to not only increase flow but increase the wells storage capacity.

Hydro-fracturing is a process by which water is injected into low yielding water wells at a high pressure and volume. The theory is to open up and clean out the existing fractures found in the rock lithology of the well. Typically the well will be scoped with a down hole camera to determine if the process is viable prior to the process beginning. This process is designed for drilled water wells only.

There are two types of hydrofracturing that can be performed: standard hydro-fracture and zone hydro-fracture.

Standard Hydro-fracture:

Consists of a single packer that water passes through and pressurizes the whole well. This method is used to develop a greater production rate for low yielding wells.

Zone Hydro-fracture:

Consists of two packers that are set either 60 or 80 feet apart. Water is then forced in between the two packers creating pressure to be forced in between the 60 or 80 foot zone rather than pressurizing the whole well. This method has a greater success rate and more productive results. However it is also the more costly of the two types and used as a last resort to raise the wells productivity, in most cases standard hydro-fracture is sufficient.

The success rate for this process has a national average of 95% success, making the Hydro-Frac® process the most effective well development tool available.

Some other points to take into consideration:

  • There may be a town permit, fee or application in order to hydro-fracture a well.
  • Be aware water may be cloudy for a few days after a successful hydro-frack.
  • The well needs to be disinfected after the hydro-frack and may not be used right away.
  • Click here for more info on Well Regulations in MA and NH

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