PFO/ PFA/PFOA/PFOS or PFA’S a Trending water quality Concern and What it means for your Well Water and Family

PFO/ PFA/PFOA/PFA’S they all over the news and being focused on both on in both a local and Federal level alike, however what are they and what do they mean to your health and Family.

Per- and polyflouroalkyl substances is a group of man made chemicals that have been used in multiple industries in the US since 1940. PFOA and PFOS have been widely produced and used and are persistent in both the environment and the human body. This means they don’t break down and have the ability to accumulate over time. Many PFAS are no longer being produced and the largest manufacturer in the US stopped production in 2002 and a stewardship program was started by the EPA in 2006 to end productions entirely.

“I think its one of the biggest threats to drinking water that people don’t have a complete understanding of , and its been around for decades”

David Andrews- Senior scientist at the EWG

What can these chemicals be found in?

Foods: PFAS can be found in food packaging materials, processing equipment and in foods grown in PFAS contaminated soil or water

Household Products: stain/ water repellent fabrics, nonstick products, polishes/waxes, paint, cleaning products, firefighting foams, carpets, clothing,

Workplace: production facilities and industries that use PFAS include chrome plating, electronics, oil recovery

Drinking water: its typically localized and associated with being located near or around manufacturers, waste water treatment, landfills, firefighter training facilities, oil refinery’s, airfields

Can Northeast Water Wells Inc test my water for PFO/ PFA/PFOA/PFA’S ?

Yes, we absolutely can with the following testing parameters:

PFAS Testing Per- and Polyflouroalkl Substances ( results in 3-6 Weeks)

Includes the 6 regulated (massachusetts) PFAS: perflourooctane Sulfonic Acid(PFOS), Perflourooctanoic Acid(PFOA), Perflourohexane Sulfonic Acid(PFHxS), Perfluorononanoic Acid(PFNA), Perflouroheptanoic Acid (PFHpA), and Perflourodecanoic acid(PFDA).

This Test also includes the following unregulated PFAS testing parameters: Perfluorobutane sulfonic acid(PFBS), Perflourododecanoic acid(PFDoA), PErflourohexanoic acid(PFHxA), Perflourotetradecanoic acid(PFTA) Perflourotridecanoic acid(PFTrDA), Perflouroundecanoic acid (PFUnA), N-ethyl perflourooctanesulfonamidoacetic acid(NEtFOSAA), N-methyl perfluorooctanesulfonamidooaetic acid(NMeFOSAA), 11-chloroeicosafluoro-3-oxaundecane-1-sulfonic acid(11CI-PF3OUds), 9-chlorohexadecfluoro-3-oxanone-1-sulfonic acid(9CI-PF3ONS), 4,8-dioxa-3H-perflourononanoic acid(ADONA), and Hexaflouropropylene oxide dimer acid(HFPO-DA). 

What are the health concerns associated with PFAS?

Studies are indicating that PFOA and PFOS can cause reproductive and developmental issues, liver and kidney concerns along with immunogical effects and cholesterol concerns. PFOA’s have been linked to cancers. PFOS have been linked to thyroid hormonal disruptions to learn more view information at the National Library of Medicine

To schedule PFAS testing for your water system contact our office today at 1-800-562-9355.