A point well consists of a series of coupled pipe lengths fitted with a well point and screen on the end of the lengths of pipe. This pipe is driven into the ground by a series of blows on the pipe from above pushing the point into the sub- surface water table. Water then flows up the pipe through the screened openings at the bottom of the well.

Point wells are most efficient when the water table is no deeper than 50-60 feet. Point wells are a very inexpensive well method although not recommended for residential potable use. The main application for this type of well (under today’s standards) would be ideal for an irrigation water supply.

Typically point wells utilize Jet pump systems. Please refer to our Jet pump page for further information. Due to the fact that they utilize surface water the quality of the water from this well source can be very unstable. During long periods of drought it is not uncommon for point wells to dry up or the well yield to drastically decrease.

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