Water Well Pressure Problems – MA & NH

Issues with well water pressure are one of our most frequent phone calls in our Massachusetts and New Hampshire offices. People call because they suddenly see a change in their well water pressure or because they have consistently experience terrible water pressure. Some people think that well water pressure problems are to be expected with a water well and that you need to just deal with it. This is definitely not normal and Northeast Water Wells is here to help solve this problem for you.

There are several reasons that you may be experiencing water pressure problems. The first question is whether or not you are experiencing the pressure problems throughout the house or if it is an isolated problem in one area of your home, such as one faucet or the shower head. If the problem is in one area, you should check the fixture for any sediment which can cause a restricted flow of water. If the issue is not an isolated problem it would indicate a larger problem that will require one of our professional technicians to come out to your home.

The following are some things that our technician will check upon arrival:

  • Making sure the pressure setting on your well tank is set appropriately
  • Check the balance of the holding tank Tank could need an air charge to balance the system
  • Water holding tank could be bad and need to be changed
  • Sediment filter, softener systems and any filtration systems to make sure they are not plugged or restricting the flow
  • Check the pump to make sure it is operating correctly, if the pump is bad it would need to be replaced
  • Static water level and flow of the well
  • Chaffing on the wire as they pull the pump
  • Broken pipes (if you see consistent wet spots on the ground from the well to the house along with poor pressure, this could indicate a broken pipe underground)

These are just some of the many things that our professional technicians will check after you call us for a water well pressure problem. The solutions to the pressure problem could be as simple as clearing sediment from a faucet screen to replacing a tank or pump to excavation of your yard to repair broken pipes underground.  Whatever the issue may be Northeast Water Wells is only a phone call away.  Give us a call today to help with your pressure problems we service all of Eastern and Central Massachusetts and all of Southern NH and offer Emergency Service calls as well.

Article by Karen Provencher

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