Open Loop System operates under the same principles as closed loop system except it operates on more of a pump and dump system. By this we mean there are 2 pipes in the well; one would be the pipe that brings water into the building and the other a discharge line. Open Loop systems typically have more footage within the well, which means less well locations. This design method is great for lots with space restrictions where multiple shallow wells cannot be achieved. In some cases existing old wells meet the criteria to be converted for GSHP use in conjunction with drinking water and/or irrigation use.


  • Can be a combo heating/cooling and hot water systems
  • You can save up to 50% on hot water heating by preheating the tank water
  • Made of mechanical components either buried outside and inside the home
  • Relatively the same size as Traditional systems
  • Can cut energy consumption 20 to 50% & reduces maintenance cost
  • Keeps air warmer in the winter (90-105 °F) and at a more constant temp eliminating hot & cold spots
  • Very Quiet
  • No noisy fans in the summer or winter
  • No open flames
  • No flammable fuels
  • No dangerous fuel storage tanks
  • Heating efficiency’s 50 to 70% higher than traditional systems
  • Cooling efficiency’s 20 to 40% higher than traditional systems
  • Save money in operating & maintenance costs energy (savings usually exceed the cost of the system within a few years)
  • Federal & local rebates & incentives for utilizing GSHP Systems
  • No air pollution
  • Minimize ozone destruction by using factory sealed refrigeration units
  • Conserve natural resources by climate control and lowering emissions