How Can You Protect Your Water from Harmful PFAs?

Everyone wants the water they drink, bathe in, and wash dishes with to be as safe and clean as possible. Unfortunately, there are some contaminants out there that can get into that water and make it significantly less safe for you to use. One such example is PFAs (Polyfluoroalkyl Substances). They have been making headlines… Read more »

What is Arsenic and How Does it End Up in Your Water?

If you get your water from a well, the cleanliness of that water is incredibly important to your day-to-day life. After all, you use that water to drink, to bathe in, to do dishes, and so much more. So, the last thing you want is for it to be contaminated in some way. Unfortunately, there… Read more »

The Farming & Prepping Water Connection

As a Homesteader, Farmer, regenerative farming enthusiast , being true New England prepper along with my Professional Water System career I have a vast knowledge regarding the importance of water capturing, water preservation and water conservation that I would love to share my trials and tribulations with all of you and that will be the… Read more »

Keeping Your Well Water Safe

Where we get our drinking water is more important these days than ever. Most people in the cities and suburbs are subject to drinking tap water, bottled water, or using a water filtration system in their homes; but there are still some parts of the world where well water is the main source of drinking… Read more »

Understanding Water Well Drilling Regulations in Sherborn, MA

Northeast Water Wells has been installing quality water well and pumping systems for commercial clients and homeowners in Sherborn, MA since 1966. I realized its been quite some time since we updated our blogs regarding the permitting and drilling process in individual towns in Massachusetts and I figured it was about time for an update. The… Read more »

I have no water and I own a water well ???

If you own a artisan or drilled water well at some time or another you will experience the dreaded No water. No waters typically occur at the worst times such as 4th of July when you have a houseful or people or those dreaded weekends when everyone is home with a stomach bug and you… Read more »

What you should know about purchasing a home with a Water Well?

Weather you are a first time homeowner or this is just your first time purchasing a home with a drilled water well as the main water source there are 3 main tests that are imperative to preform to ensure you are protecting your investment. Home inspectors are phenomenal at inspecting all aspects of the structure… Read more »

Installing a New Drilled Water Well In Massachusetts and New Hampshire

If you are a homeowner or building a home in Massachusetts or New Hampshire that has been considering installing a drilled water well to suit your home or an irrigation water well this article has been written to help you further understand the process. The first step when considering this type of project would be… Read more »