Northeast Water Wells Inc is a third generation family owned and operated business located out of MA and NH, our focus is on the complete system and we have been serving families, businesses and communities throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire Since 1966. Our projects start with the Water well & customized Pumping system and Continues with our ongoing customer support and services. In a effort to make browsing our site more user friendly we have made customized pages for each application we offer, however if you are looking for a specific service or product please scroll over the services button on the main menu to the left of the page. If you don’t see what your looking for give us a call 1-800-562-9355 or email info@wellguy.com


Northeast Water Wells Inc is currently offering Specials in the Following:

Weekend Appointments Available. Call Today for pricing: 1-800-562-9355
Hudson, NH (603)889-8122 Marlboro, MA (508)485-1278 Jaffrey, NH (603)532-2478

If you have no water or are experiencing major pressure issues contact us immediately at: 1-800-562-9355

If it is after office hours or on a weekend choose option 1 to immediately be put on the line with an emergency technician.

No matter what day or time you call you will never reach an answering service. No answering service means immediate attention from a qualified technician just when you need it most… now!

This is just another Northeast Water Wells Five Star Service Advantage.

There are many common service call questions and complaints.

  • What to do with air in the lines?
  • Low pressure or no water pressure issues
  • Water surges
  • Pump short cycling or rapid cycling
  • Banging Noises within the System
  • No Water and Low water.

Air in the lines – A failing or failed tank, broken pipes down in the well or a broken offset line. Normally with a broken offset you would see an increase of dirt or sediment in the water.

Low water pressure – Some reasons why you may have low pressure are: addition of filtration, clogged filtration, clogged fixture screens, excessive use of lowering water table, or a broken pipe within the system, or it could be that the actual pumping system is showing signs and symptoms of age or pump failure.

Water pressure surges – Water surges normally occur when there is an issue with the pump and tank sizing an inadequate sized tank or pump for your system may be the problem. They could also be due to a defective pressure switch or tank, or pressure tank failure.

Water system short cycling – System shorts are typically related to an unbalanced tank in a well or faulty pressure switch.

No water – Power failure, a dry well, recovery issues, or a faulty pressure switch, or faulty controls, a defective pump, or pipe.

My water smells – Typically this is an indication of sulfur being present in the system.

I have Staining in my fixtures – Staining elements are extremely common in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Orange staining indicates that iron is present and black staining typically indicates that manganese is present. If your have sandy deposits along with staining it may also indicate that sediment is present.