I have a water well and no water! MA & NH Water Wells and Water Well Pump Servicing and Repairs

Another frequent service call we get is “I have no water, can you please help?!”    Northeast Water Wells technicians are available to come out and help determine the cause of the problem and get your water going again!   We offer emergency service calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Before giving us a call there are a few things that you can check.  If you are not able to check, our professional technicians are happy to help.

  • Did you just run an excessive amount of water (ie filling a swimming pool)?  Or possibly a toilet flapper became stuck and the toilet ran for too long?      Your well could use some time to recover.  Each and every well recovery time is different.  Some take a matter of minutes others can take up to 24 hours to recover under low flow applications.  If the water has not returned within 24 hours after high demand usage a service call would be needed for further diagnostics.
  • Do you have power in your home?  (if the power is out in your home and you do not have a backup generator, you will not have water until power is restored.  Some people truly do not realize this!  Please also note that undersized generators or to many demands on the generator will also cause disruption of service.)
  • Have you checked the circuit breaker for your well to make sure the power is on?   Are there any blown fuses?   (Your water well pump should always be on an independent circuit and have its own properly sized breaker.   If you are unsure of what size breaker you have you can always call and speak with one of Northeast Water Wells qualified technicians to verify size.)
  • Do you have any filtration systems that could be clogged?   This includes any water treatment, water filters, radon treatment systems or water softeners.   Sediment Filters in particular can become plugged so if you experience no water please check/ change your filters or place them on bypass to see if it corrects your issues.
  • Do you have water in some areas of your home and not in others?  If the water loss is localized to one fixture check the built in screen of the fixture to see if the water pressure is restored.
  • Was there recently a lightning storm in your area?  Electrical storms can wreak havoc on your water well systems, if you experience no water during electrical storms contact Northeast Water Wells immediately to schedule repairs as you may have issues with the electrical components of the well system.
  • Prior to not having water were you experiencing surges in your water pressure?  Often times its common to experience surging or pressure loss prior to pump failure it may be an indication of the pump shutting of on thermal overload or other mechanical failures.

These are only a few things that could possibly be causing a problem with your well pumping system or possibly the failure of your system.   The fix could be as simple as waiting for the power to return to your home after an outage in your area or giving your well time to recover after running excessive amounts of water, to a pressure switch change or you could need a new a pumping system, new wiring or a new pressure tank.   You could possibly need your well deepened or even a new well if your well has run dry.    There are many reasons that you may not have water, so it best to contact Northeast Water Wells and have one of our professional water well technicians come out to your home and troubleshoot the problem so that it can be resolved safely and efficiently.    We are always just a phone call away and available for emergency service calls anytime year round.

Article written by Karen Provencher

At Northeast Water Wells Inc our services are not limited to water well drilling and pump installation we also have a plethora of other services available. Northeast water wells experienced technicians also specialize in Artesian Water Well Abandonment, Well Rehabilitation, Water Well Chlorination, Submersible water pumps, Jet pumps, Constant Pressure Pumps, Pressure Boosting Pumps, Solar/ wind powered pumping systems. Water Pressure holding tanks, Atmospheric Water Holding tanks, Water Quality/ Quantity testing, water conditioning and treatment, filtration, sanitizers, water softeners, hydro fracture, zone fracture, Water Well Maintenance, Real Estate Transfer testing and Well Efficiency Audits.

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