Water Well Maintenance in MA and NH

Water Well Maintenance should be performed yearly to be sure that your water well system is functioning at its best. Many well owners are not aware that minor system issues, when left over time, can lead to major system repairs. Having yearly preventative maintenance inspections done can help prolong the life of the well and… Read more »

Well Water Testing Analysis and Contamination in MA and NH – Sulfate in Water

The twelfth and final post in our series highlighting some of the contaminants that can be found in water wells. Northeast Water Wells is available to collect samples and test your well water for contaminants anytime. If you have a private well, regular water quality testing is very important. Northeast Water Wells recommends testing your… Read more »

Westford, MA Water Well Real Estate Transfer Requirements

The Town of Westford, MA has made changes to their Water well Regulations regarding Real Estate Transfers as of June 1st 2013. These changes particularly pertain towards Real Estate Transfer testing regarding well water and the requirements by the town. Much like Hopkinton, MA Water Well real estate transfer testing requirements, Westford is now implementing… Read more »

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

Well its going to be a WICKED hot weekend here in New England. I sure can tell you the temperature has already started creeping up here in the Northeast Water Wells Office. Its on hot weekends like this that we reach for sugary drinks like lemon aid and ice tea or Gatorade. My go to… Read more »