Real Estate Transfer Testing in Regards to Residential Water Wells in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

To many homeowners the concept of Water wells as a primary water source to your home can not only be scary but worrisome to some home buyers. Many people moving from urban areas have never even heard of an water well until its part of the prospective property they are looking at. This however is a myth that this article is attempting to bust.

 There are so many benefits to having an Artesian or drilled residential water well servicing your home including but not limited to:

  • No costly water bills
  • No troublesome water bans
  • Having control over your water quality

Many New homeowners are unsure of what information is needed regarding water wells when purchasing a home or how to obtain this information. The first step would be to choose a qualified company such as Northeast Water Wells Inc to perform a Real Estate Transfer Inspection. Now the next common question would be what do I contract this company to test for, what are the associated costs and why do I test?

There are three main aspects that are instrumental in inspecting during a Water Well Real Estate transfer test: Water Quality, Water Quantity and the Mechanical inspection of the system. Now you may be asking yourself why would I have these elements tested … The Water quality is imperative to ensure that the water your family is using is safe to drink and use, this test ensures that there are no harmful contaminants lurking in your water. The Water quantity analysis of the well is to ensure that their will be enough water to meet the residences demands. Typically the average household requires a minimum of 5 Gallons per Minute (GPM) or its equivalent. The importance of the Mechanical Inspection is ensuring that the System mechanics ie the Tank, pump ect are in good health and will be able to meet the demands of the households needs. The last thing any new homeowner wants is to move into a home that has an inadequate water supply, water contaminants or aged water well mechanical components that will be costly to repair, replace or implement. Is there anything that the inspection doesn’t cover? Yes one of the main things we cannot tell you is the well depth. Why you may ask is because the only true way from an inspection perspective would be to pull the existing pump and measure the well, with real estate transfer testing this is not possible. Although depending on the age of the system often times either the town or state will have Construction records that would be able to document this information.

The cost for real estate transfer testing varies depending on the level of testing completed but typically ranges from $200- 700 dollars depending on the company and what options are chosen to be tested for. In comparison if a buyer chooses not to test and any of the systems listed above fail it can range from $500.00 – $10,000+/- to perform corrective actions depending on the failed elements.Northeast Water Wells Inc offers a wide variety of Real Estate Transfer testing options call today to discuss your Real Estate transfer package today.

This Article was written by:

Ashley E. Connolly
Operations Manager
Northeast Water Wells Inc