Bacteria in Water Well Water in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Bacteria in Well water are one of the most common contaminants that come up present during both routine water quality testing and real estate transfer testing. What many homeowners do not realize is according to the EPA the Environmental Protection Agency a Federal regulatory agency and DEP Department of Environmental Protection Agency for Massachusetts and… Read more »

Copper Ingestion In Water and Diet Being Linked to Alzheimer’s

Copper Ingestion In Water and Diet Being Linked to Alzheimer’s   A new study by the University of Rochester Medical Center is linking Copper ingestion in the modern diet to Alzheimer’s disease. Copper reduces the bodies’ ability to flush toxic proteins from the brain and encourages these proteins to clump.  One of the main ways… Read more »

National Protect Your Groundwater Day September 10, 2013

National Protect Your Ground Water Day, September 10, 2013 Today is National Protect your groundwater Day. Its so important to protect our water supplies, regardless is we utilize a Water well as our main source or are supplied by a municipal water source we all have to be cautious of protecting this earths most precious… Read more »

National S’Mores Day!

I always love hearing what weird national day it is. Facebook is great for that as lots of friends share each day. Today, August 10th, is National S’mores Day! It’s not too late to celebrate it with your family today! They are gooey, messy and yummy all at the same time. What is a S’more?… Read more »

Water Well Hydrofracking in MA & NH

What is hydrofracking? Hydrofracking, which is also referred to as hydrofracturing, is a process that can be used to increase the flow of water into a well. “Hydro” means water, “fracking” is short for fracture. Hydrofracking is typically used for low yield wells. The process is designed for drilled wells only. Fracture? Are you really… Read more »

Real Estate Transfer Testing in MA & NH

Are you planning to buy or sell a home with a water well? There may be testing required in your area. Some towns/cities have requirements for real estate transfer for water wells. If there are no town/state regulations regarding property transfer for water wells there may be requirements from the lending institution. Northeast Water Wells… Read more »

Irrigation Wells in MA & NH

Water bans in your city or town killing your lawn and garden? A water well for irrigation purposes is a great solution, you can water whenever you would like. The upfront cost for the water well may seem daunting but it will pay for itself in a short time with the money that you will… Read more »

Teaching kids about water!

I was doing some research last night and my son pointed out this cool link on Google. A downloadable activity to make a water well for kids! Very cool visual for kids to see on a small scale how wells look. My own two kids are fortunate enough to have a dad that… Read more »

Radon in Well Water – Testing & Removal – NH & MA

What is radon? Radon is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, radioactive gas. Radon occurs naturally as a result of the breakdown of uranium in the ground. You can be exposed to Radon in two ways; in the air in your home and in your drinking water. Radon in the air comes from soil and layers of… Read more »