Municipal Water Rate Increases in Massachusetts 2013 Volume 1

Well everyone spring has seemingly sprung here in New England. Here at Northeast Water Wells Inc we are constantly monitoring the News for Municipal Water rate hikes that will directly impact the end consumer. We wanted to share a few reports that caught our attention within the past few months. Currently 5 towns in Massachusetts… Read more »

Understanding your well system components

I am frequently asked to describe in greater detail what components are involved within a well system. Below I will provide details for the main components of a well. In some cases these items can vary slightly or be substituted with products alike. Starting with the main component the Submersible well pump, we will work… Read more »

Significant water increases may open eyes of many homeowners across Massachusetts

Significant Water Increases may open eyes of many homeowners across Massachusetts. As water rates continue to increase on public water systems homeowners begin to explore alternative options. Many are unaware of alternative options and feel trapped by private water utilities. Homeowners often say that private water utility is a monopoly and they do not have… Read more »


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