Water Quality Testing what you need to know in Massachusetts (MA) and New Hampshire (NH).

Many homeowners do not follow a regular water quality testing regimen. At Northeast Water Wells Inc we always recommended the following water quality testing protocols to all homeowners: Bacteria test yearly, Basic water Quality test every 2-3 years, Comprehensive Water Quality test every 3-5 years and Extensive Water Quality test to include a VOC ( volatile organic compounds scan) every 7-10 years this list was compiled through a combination of EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency ) recommendations along with state recommendations and the National Groundwater Associations and Water Systems Council recommendations. It’s extremely important to follow proper testing protocols to keep your family happy and healthy. The full break down of these tests is available on our website on the following page: https://www.wellguy.com/WellQuantityFlowTesting.html

Many Water well owners don’t realize they have well water contamination issues until someone has already gotten sick or often times contamination issues are uncovered during Real estate transfer testing. Many towns are now requiring Real estate Water Quality transfer testing prior to the home being sold including but not limited to: Hopkinton, MA , Westford, MA , Westwood, MA, Norfolk, MA and Franklin, MA to name a few. During routine testing or Real estate Transfer testing its possible for a plethora of contaminants to come up positive however the most common seem to be: Bacteria, iron, PH issues, sodium and Radon among others.

When your water quality tests come back positive it can seem quite scary and many people are under the belief that contaminants in the system equal the system being condemned however this is not the case. Depending on the contaminant or issue there are many treatment options available from water well chlorination, system servicing ( ie repairing well seal integrity, broken piping, raising well head above ground ect.) and filtration.

If you have any questions on particular contaminants we have blogged about many of them and you can access them on our blog  :  https://wellguy.com/category/water-contaminants/ but never be afraid to call to discuss with our trained professionals about water quality testing or contaminant issues,.

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This Article was written by:

Ashley E. Connolly
Operations Manager
Northeast Water Wells Inc