Westford, MA Water Well Real Estate Transfer Requirements

The Town of Westford, MA has made changes to their Water well Regulations regarding Real Estate Transfers as of June 1st 2013. These changes particularly pertain towards Real Estate Transfer testing regarding well water and the requirements by the town. Much like Hopkinton, MA Water Well real estate transfer testing requirements, Westford is now implementing that the town test be preformed prior to the sale of a home commencing. In Hopkinton, MA the town requires a full town test to be preformed within 5 years of the home sale in Westford, MA they are stipulating 6 months prior to the sale. Another point that the two towns differ would be that in Hopkinton, MA the town requires the test be done by the seller, however in Westford there is no stipulation as to who is ultimately responsible however the indication was given that whomever owns the property at the time the Board of Health is made aware of the absence of the test is the party that will ultimately be responsible for not being in compliance. Its important not only for home buyers and sellers to be aware of this change but also for the Real Estate agents whom work in this town to advise there clients accordingly.

Water Analysis requirements at time of Real Estate transfer for the Town of Westford, MA as of June 1, 2013.
Please note: that town regulations are subject to change at their discretion and its always recommended to check with town authorities prior to advising in a legal or real estate perspective. This is primarily posted as a base guideline and for Consumer awareness when working with this town.

* The analysis for potable water wells must include, but is not limited to the following tests: Coliform Bacteria, Nitrate & Nitrite, Hardness, pH, Sodium, Chloride, Iron, Manganese, Lead, Copper, Arsenic, Fluoride, Gross Alpha Screen, and Perchlorates. If the Gross Alpha Screen is elevated, a second water sample shall be collected and analyzed for Radon and Uranium.

Northeast Water Wells Inc offers a wide variety of Comprehensive Real estate transfer testing. Our team strives to keep up to date with continuing education and knowledge geared towards real estate transfer testing along with keeping up to date with New or existing town regulations regarding Water Well Real estate Transfer testing. Our services are not limited to Water Quality Analysis we also offer Water Quantity Analysis testing along with complete Mechanical Analysis to ensure your system is acceptable to meet your homes needs for years to come. If you would like further information please call our office today.

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