Water Well Maintenance in MA and NH

Well Maintenance

Water Well Maintenance should be performed yearly to be sure that your water well system is functioning at its best. Many well owners are not aware that minor system issues, when left over time, can lead to major system repairs. Having yearly preventative maintenance inspections done can help prolong the life of the well and equipment.

What is the best time of year to have maintenance inspection done?
You can have a maintenance inspection done at any time, however, the summer months typically put more demand on the pumping systems. At Northeast Water Wells we recommend having the maintenance I spectrum done in the late fall or early winter.

Northeast Water Wells offers different options for a maintenance inspection. We can check the following  for you; system health, water quality, water quantity. We also offer system tune up packages for routine maintenance of your system.

Our general inspection includes the following:

  • Full system check
  • Air charge/ pressure balance
  • Pressure switch check
  • Performance check
  • Mechanical equipment check
  • Efficiency check
  • Inspection of the well seal

Once the inspection is complete we will offer detailed results and system recommendations.

In addition to the general inspection we recommend water quality testing. There are several different water testing packages available. Keep in mind that water testing is the only way to determine if your water quality has changed. Most contaminants do not change the color or taste of your water.

If you are considering an addition to your home or planning to use the well for irrigation we recommend water quantity testing to find out how much water your well makes.

Northeast Water Wells also offers system tune up packages at an additional cost. The tuneup package includes the following: pressure gage, pressure switch, relief valves, boiler drains and shut off valve replacement.

Give Northeast Water Wells a call anytime to get your maintenance inspection on the schedule! One of our water professionals will help you decide on a package to fit your needs.

Article written by Karen Provencher

At Northeast Water Wells Inc our services are not limited to water well drilling and pump installation we also have a plethora of other services available. Northeast water wells experienced technicians also specialize in Artesian Water Well Abandonment, Well Rehabilitation, Water Well Chlorination, Submersible water pumps, Jet pumps, Constant Pressure Pumps, Pressure Boosting Pumps, Solar/ wind powered pumping systems. Water Pressure holding tanks, Atmospheric Water Holding tanks, Water Quality/ Quantity testing, water conditioning and treatment, filtration, sanitizers, water softeners, hydro fracture, zone fracture, Water Well Maintenance, Real Estate Transfer testing and Well Efficiency Audits.
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