Understanding the Importance of Social Media in relation to small businesses.

Many small business owners underestimate the power of social media regarding their advertising campaigns. Social Media is intimidating for sure between Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram, Blogging ect the possibilities are endless and its tough to determine what outlets to focus on. The biggest thing to recognize as a small business owner these are either free or low cost campaigns that get your business and message out. Regardless if you focus on tweeting, blogging or facebook not only are you gaining recognition to the end consumer but you are solidifying your company’s presence through the search engines. Now without getting into advance search engine optimization and analytics typically what the search engines are looking for is online presence and accuracy the more accurate the information is, the more sources that support this information along with the generation of new content is what dictates how high up your company will fall on the Google, Yahoo and Bing search results.

Once you understand the importance of Social Media it’s important to come up with a plan of action on how to implement Social Media for your company as a business owner you need to decide what medium of social media best fits your business and ultimately what media outlet your target market is most apt to be drawn to. Once you have determined what social media outlets you are going to implement its important to be consistent with postings not only coming up with a weekly posting regimen but also having those post correspond with the seasons, trends, specials and consumer education on your products and services.

Social Media typically is not providing instantaneous results its contingent on building an active fan base. Building a fan base can take months to years of hard work and dedication its important to monitor what posts people respond to and continue generating similar posts to increase page interactions. If you are patient your fan base will slowly grow and its important to understand that each and every fan is important and increases your viability. Run offers and specials that promote your fans promoting you. If you run a sub shop for example run a offer that if they get 10 of their friends to like your Facebook page they get a coupon for a free sub or a gift with purchase. Whenever anyone likes something on your facebook page or interacts with you on twitter linked in ect, their interaction with you shows on their friends news feeds and increases your companies post exposures or virility and gets you that name recognition you are looking for. Even if those friends that see your post don’t immediately add you the chances are much higher if they do come in need of your products and services they will first search you out because of that brain recognition of seeing your post.

Now next you may ask how I determine content and what I have found is support your top services and products first. Keep in mind what draws people to you and highlight those aspects, from there generate a list of what services or products you want to strengthen in your company for our company it was consumer awareness and maintenance and write strong posts regarding those topics. You want to keep things fresh so touching on trending topics, industry related news, and supporting local companies and events has also been successful. Ultimately with social media the possibilities are endless. As long as you are passionate about what you do, your target audience will see this and respond positively.

My point being is while establishing a social media campaign don’t become discouraged over the process of establishing a following I started back in 2009 and just last year did our social media presence truly take off. Many times I though about giving up but if you stay diligent it will produce success and legitimate job Leeds. Happy Friday Everyone.

This Article was written by:

Ashley Connolly
Operations Manager