Irrigation Wells in MA & NH

Water bans in your city or town killing your lawn and garden? A water well for irrigation purposes is a great solution, you can water whenever you would like. The upfront cost for the water well may seem daunting but it will pay for itself in a short time with the money that you will save on your water bill each month. Many homeowners are choosing irrigation wells over the frustration of water bans and restrictions. Irrigation wells are used frequently for large business complexes, greenhouses and farms too. The construction of the well itself is the same as a private water well for residential use.

I rely on a public water supply for our residence, can I have a well just for irrigation?
Absolutely! Many people have a well solely for irrigation purposes for their residence, business, or apartment/condo complexes.

How much water do I need for an irrigation well?
The average GPM for a residential irrigation well is 10-15 GPM. Larger properties may need a higher GPM.

If you already have an irrigation system installed, you will need to contact the company that handled the installation or your irrigation maintenance and request the Gallons Per Minute (GPM) requirements for your system. If you are unable to obtain this information contact Northeast Water Wells and let us know how many zones and how many heads per zone we can help you calculate the GPM.

If you are in the process of designing an irrigation system with an installer its a good idea to speak with them prior to installing an irrigation well to be sure that the system will work efficiently. They will be able to let you know the GPM requirement.

Do I need to test the water from my irrigation well?
Yes. Northeast Water Wells offers several different testing packages. We recommend testing at least a Stain Package every 1-2 years.

Do I need a filter for my irrigation well?
If your irrigation well has issues with sediment, yes, you will need a filter.

I already have a water well for my home and I am adding an irrigation system, is that a problem?
Adding an irrigation system to your residential well will change the demand for your home. Prior to adding irrigation to your well a flow test is a good idea to make sure that your well makes enough water to run the system.

Article by Karen Provencher



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