Do I need to complete some form of preventative maintenance or well pump inspection to my water well?

Do I need to complete some form of preventative maintenance or well pump inspection to my water well?

It is always a wise idea to complete a preventative water well maintenance inspection. Recent studies conducted by the National Ground Water Association concluded that only 80% of well owners perform any form of preventative maintenance on there water well system. I believe the percentage of well owners that do not perform preventative maintenance inspections is elevated due to consumers not being informed. In most cases once the well owner is educated on the reasoning behind the inspections are preformed, they are often receptive to the idea and opt to have an inspections completed regularly.

How often should I complete a Water Well Preventative Maintenance Check?

Water Well Maintenance Inspections are an intricate part of being an educated water well owner. Being an educated consumer helps in maintaining a healthy water system for your entire family to enjoy. The minor system repairs that may be required today could make for costly expenses if gone unnoticed. In conclusion being an informed owner could increase the life expectancy of the water well system and make for lower repair expenditures in the future. Most Organizations, Associations and Regulatory Commissions suggest performing some form of water well maintenance on an annual basis. These agencies strongly suggest water quality testing, and the mechanical inspections.

 Typically a mechanical inspection will comprise of a full system check, pressure switch check, air charge/ pressure balance, performance check of the pump and motor, general system inspection on mechanical equipment, efficiency check, and inspect the integrity of the well seal complete with detailed system recommendation and results. Mechanical inspections are recommended to be done yearly by licensed or certified water well contractor or other qualified professional.

Typically state and federal regulatory agencies recommend the following water quality testing protocol.

  • Bacteria test should be conducted yearly.
  • Basic organic and inorganic should be conducted whenever noticeable changes in waters taste, color or odor are observed.
  • General Package should be conducted every 3-5 years.
  • Extensive package including VOC’s (volatile organic Compounds) should be conducted every 7-10 years.

In addition to the general preventative maintenance options listed above a water flow test may be suggested depending on the circumstances or if noticeable changes in water output or pressure is a concern. Water well quantity inspections are particularly instrumental if home additions are in the works or if the property owner is considering the addition of an irrigation system.

When is the best time of year to perform a maintenance inspection?

Any time of year is acceptable in terms of maintenance however typically in the summer months we tend to tax and use our pumping systems more. At Northeast Water Wells we recommend scheduling your Maintenance inspection for late fall early winter. Our experienced technicians are trained professionals that are qualified to give your entire water well and pumping system just what it needs.

Call today and speak with one of our qualified water professionals today to design a Maintenance Inspection, custom tailored to suit your family’s needs and the desired results you are looking for.