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Bacteria in your Well Water?

When dealing with real estate and wells, many times there are bacteria in the sample results. Oftentimes this can be scary for the homeowners, especially those who don’t know much about wells. But fear not! There is an easy way to get rid of it all. Chlorination is a process that all local well companies should… Read more »

Teaching kids about water!

I was doing some research last night and my son pointed out this cool link on Google. A downloadable activity to make a water well for kids! Very cool visual for kids to see on a small scale how wells look. My own two kids are fortunate enough to have a dad that… Read more »

Stay hydrated in this heat wave in MA & NH!

A couple more days of this heat wave here in NH & MA and then we have dry, cooler weather in store for next week!    In the meantime it is so important to stay well hydrated.    Your body is made up of 60% water and every system in your body depends on water.   It is… Read more »

Water Fun activities for kids in MA and New Hampshire!

As a mom of two kids ages 8 & 11, we love enjoying water in the summer to keep cool.     My kids could spend all day in a pool or at the ocean.   With the scorching summer temps kicking in this week, here are 5 great sites for water activities for kids of all ages…. Read more »

Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water Daily

Well its going to be a WICKED hot weekend here in New England. I sure can tell you the temperature has already started creeping up here in the Northeast Water Wells Office. Its on hot weekends like this that we reach for sugary drinks like lemon aid and ice tea or Gatorade. My go to… Read more »