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Fall Water Well Preventative Maitenance Inspections in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Fall Water Well Prevenative Maitenance Inspections in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. My family lives nestled on the side of Mount Monadnock in South Western New Hampshire. It seems like this  year we are already seeing signs of a harsh winter ahead. Like many families we are starting to plan our winterization process of our home,… Read more

Water Well Hydrofracking in MA & NH

What is hydrofracking? Hydrofracking, which is also referred to as hydrofracturing, is a process that can be used to increase the flow of water into a well.   “Hydro” means water, “fracking” is short for fracture.   Hydrofracking is typically used for low yield wells.   The process is designed for drilled wells only.   Fracture?   Are you… Read more

I have a water well and no water! MA & NH Water Wells and Water Well Pump Servicing and Repairs

  Another frequent service call we get is “I have no water, can you please help?!”    Northeast Water Wells technicians are available to come out and help determine the cause of the problem and get your water going again!    We offer emergency service calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.   Before giving… Read more