An overview of Water Well Real Estate Transfer Inspections in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Everything you need to know about Water Well Real Estate Transfer Inspections. If you asked me ten years ago how many Real estate transfer inspections Northeast Water Wells Inc preforms in any given year the answer would be around ten. Within the past five years however this number has jumped to the 100’s of Water Well Real Estate transfer inspections in any given year.  The answer for the increase is simple with the complex social media platforms and with amazing search engines like google we are able to become informed consumers at the touch of a mouse. This increased consumer awareness driven by a buyers market has made the jobs of inspectors such as myself  so much easier compared to days of past.Real estate transfer inspections in any magnitude are designed to protect not only us but our assets during the sale of properties. The more information compiled the more educated decisions we can make.

Now you may be asking… What exactly would i need to know regarding a water well during a Real Estate Transfer?   Two main considerations come into play.. Water Quality and Water Quantity or Production flow, another important inspection would be the mechanics of the system however this is generally included in the water flow analysis.  The reasons behind preforming these inspections is simple. The tests are ensuring that the water well is capable of producing the amount of flow the residence demand, that the mechanics are able to meet and keep up with the demands and that ultimately the water is safe for you and your family to consume. What more could you want!

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