Do You Have Iron In Your Water?

It is fairly common for someone to find iron in their well water. This is especially true in the New England area. The effects of iron being in your plumbing really come down to the amount of iron that is found in your water.

Types of Iron and Levels

Ferrous Iron is also known as Clear Water Iron. True to its name, it will appear to be clear because this form is technically dissolved in the water. It can also be referred to Red Water Iron in its oxidized form, because it will have a red rust type color.

When there is 0.3 parts per million, that is when staining from the iron occurs. This is also the secondary drinking level standard (meaning you would not want to drink the water if it was about 0.3ppm.

Iron in Your Drinking Water

A clear indication of high levels of iron in your water is a heavy metallic taste. The water will also likely be discolored so that it is a brownish orange, and at times sediment will be present.  Water with high levels of iron will leave rust colored stains in the sink, toilet, bathtub and other appliance and fixture.

It is also fairly common for clothes to become stained. The EPA warms that even though iron itself is safe to consume (at certain levels) the sediments might contain other impurities which are a haven for bacteria. Iron bacteria are naturally occurring, and they can dissolve iron. If you find that your iron levels are high, make sure to clear the issue.

Treating Your Drinking Water

The best and most common remedy would be a water softener, which may or may not contain a sediment filter line depending on the water quality. You need to make sure to take a complete sample so that you know the chemical makeup of the water in each step of the filtration system.

Bonus: Removing Iron Stains!

A product that is great for moving iron stains from just about anything (clothing included) is Iron Out which can be found in Wal-Mart or other supercenters in the laundry/cleaning isle. This will help make your appliances look new again!

If you’re concerned about the iron levels in your water, contact Northeast Water Wells to get it tested today!