What to do When your Well Runs Dry

Dry Water WellsWhenever it is warm out, there is a chance of your private well running dry. Most wells flow without problem through warmer months, but in areas of drought and a low level of groundwater there is a chance for them to run dry. Read on to learn about the signs of a dry well and what can be done to fix one.

Watch for the Signs

If you notice that your pump is turning on or remaining on more often than normal, this could be a sign of a drying well. Dirty tap water and sputtering are other common signs that the amount of water in your well is dropping. Dirty or muddy tap water occurs when the well water has run so low that sediment from the bottom of the well is getting into the pipes, while sputtering occurs when air enters the water lines.

What do I do?

If your private well is running low on or has run out of water, you have a few options to consider. Possible solutions include lowering the water pump, deepening the well and drilling a new one. While most pumps are placed well below the surface of the water, there is a good possibility your pump can be lowered even further down to ensure it remains beneath the water level during the summers.

Depending on your location, drilling can also be performed to deepen your well and reach more water. As a well ages, sediment can build up inside, decreasing the amount of water available to be used.

In addition, hydrofracturing could be a solution for dry wells, depending on the currently flow and depth.

Regardless of the cause of your drought, Northeast Water Wells can help. Contact us online or at 1-800-562-WELL to set up an assessment and learn what can be done to solve your summer water problem!

2 Responses to “What to do When your Well Runs Dry”

  1. Ed Callahan

    I live in Foxboro and have a well for lawn irrigation only, my contactor who starts up my system each year says my well has apparently run dry, it was installed about 15 years ago a shallow water well about 15′ deep. I am close to wet lands it appears the water level has dropped and was wondering if the well could be set deeper thus re-establishing the well.

  2. Vincent Capodilupo

    My wife and I have been living in Hollis now for 7 years. We have two dug wells , one at the barn and one near the house. We have had issues since we have been here and even have a disinfecting light system . Now we are having issues with our home well. it has been dry and hot and it seems that our well is drying up. We have used Skillings and son in the past and do not find their service commendable at all. We will eventually need a deep well dug and I see your history and work on your site to be trustworthy.
    i am curious if we could have a consult to see our system and get an idea of what we should do as the future progresses. Do you do home visits and give professional advice?
    Please write me at my e-mail address.
    My cell phone is 718-4437
    Thanks, Vinny Capodilupo 16 Spaulding Lane Hollis


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