Troubleshooting Problems with Well Water Pressure

A complaint that is heard frequently is that well water pressure is too low or that it is not at the level that clients want it to be. This is not normal or typical of a standard or properly balanced well system.

The first question is whether this is point of entry specific or not.

What does that mean?

This refers to the issue being located in the either the faucet or the shower head. In this particular case, the first step is to check the screen on the faucet/shower head for any build ups or debris that might cause less water to flow through. If it is not point of entry specific however, then that is when it’s time to get the professionals involved for troubleshooting.

Many believe that well water’s pressure is lower than it actually is. For wells that are working properly, they will have the same water pressure (if not even better pressure) as other sources of water.

The first thing to be checked out is if the water pressure is meeting the standard 40/60 psi. If this is ok, then the next item that is checked out is the balance of the holding tank. If the tank is retaining water, then you might need to get a replacement. Your tank might need to have an air charge in order to assist it balance out the system.

The filtration would also be examined. So many different parts of your well water system could be the cause of low or bad water pressure, and it is not something to be expected out of your well water system. Don’t believe what they say- once it’s up and running, you will love your well water.