Top 5 Reason Consumers in Massachusetts and New hampshire consider drilling water wells today.

At Northeast our main focus is providing consumers with quality water wells and water well pumping systems to families and businesses across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Our company Northeast Water Wells Inc has been in operation since 1966 and over the years the Top 5 reasons consumers and clients consider installing water wells has varied. Below you will find the top 5 reasons consumers of today consider installing drilled artesian water wells through Northeast Water Wells on their properties. 

Number 1 Reason to Consider a Water Well- To Avoid paying considerably high municipal water rates or constantly rising water rates.

 In the past municipal water rates were low cost and fairly stable however like everything with ageing systems and growing communities costly repairs and expansions along with new regulations driving full system overhauls its now not uncommon to see as high as an 8 to 15% increase in municipal water rates. In 2011 congress enacted the Reduction in Lead in Drinking Water Act this is causing municipal and community water systems to make drastic changes to their systems with an effective date ofJanuary 4, 2014to meet the new requirements which has contributed to recent municipal rate hikes.

Number 2 Reason to consider a Water Well – Avoiding water Bans during summer months.

In the past consumers with irrigation wells or small sprinklers had no concerns running their systems off of municipal supplies however within the past 10 years bans are becoming common place and usually go into effect early spring instead of late into the summer. This is leaving consumers with expensive irrigation systems that cannot be run, burned up grass and plantings and expensive landscape repairs. Many consumers effected by these bans are looking for an affordable means to be able to maintain there landscaping and with Northeast Water Wells Inc we happen to specialize in Irrigation Wells across Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Number 3 Reason to Consider a Water Well- Have the ability to maintain and control your own water system.

Today many consumers in MA and NH are looking for a way to reduce intake of not only chemicals like chlorine but additives such as Fluoride. Consumer awareness campaigns by agencies like the Water Systems Council, National Ground Water Association and EPA have educated consumers of the risks and concerns of additives and have driven many consumers to search out viable solutions for avoiding these elements. 

Number 4 Reason Consumers Consider a Water Well – Provide Water to remote areas where municipal systems are not available or when its not Financially feasible.

It may be hard to imagine or believe in today’s society but there are still a great deal of areas where town or city water hook-ups are not available or where entire mains have to be run to feed neighborhoods. Many consumers today are weighing out the cost to hook up to the water main over installing a water well to meet the properties water demands.

Number 5 Reason to Consider Drilling a Water well – Consumers wanting to go green and live off the grid.

Many consumers of today are now considering Solar and Wind Technologies to power their homes and lives and even further many homeowners are joining the movement to live off the grid and not be tied to any community systems. A drilled water well is a great addition to any green living plan. In addition to living off the grid many consumers are also leaning toward geothermal heating and cooling in which many designs utilize standing column wells for this application as well.

Now these are not the only reasons consumers seek out Northeast Water Wells for installing a well but they seem to be some of the top reasons or concerns. Why are you considering a water well? Already have a well what was the reason you first made the step to having a water well supply your project with water?

Meet our Blogger: Ashley Connolly Operations Manager Northeast Water Wells Inc.

Ashley is third generation in the water well and pumping industry her dedication lies with consumer awareness and she specializes in real estate transfer testing regarding water wells. Ashley is the mother of 2 school age children and has a passion for health and fitness and environmental awareness. If you have any topics you would like Ashley to discuss on our blog she can be emailed at