The Variable Frequency Drive: Purposes and Benefits

One of the main and most noticeable functions of a variable frequency drive (VFD) is its connection to constant water pressure. Certainly not new to the well industry, VFD’s are now becoming much more prevalent in the use of residential wells.

If you’ve ever owned or lived on a property with well-supplied water, you will have noticed that at certain times shower pressure is low, or even in a simple task like washing the dishes, you will notice a stream of water instead of a full flow. This is how a variable frequency drive affects the flow and pressure of water.

An intelligent VFD will direct the changes of a submersible pump motor speed, responding to the changes within the household. For example, if a new family member moves in and more shower and bath water is being used, and much more dishes being washed, the VFD should detect these changes and adjust itself accordingly.

At Northeast Water Wells, we know that a quality variable frequency drive not only provides constant pressure, but should also have a feature eliminating the torque of a motor starting with such force that it causes a hard slamming off the sides of the well. Our VFD implementation includes a soft start/stop built-in feature that erases this issue of hard wear and tear on the unit.

Though constant pressure systems use smaller pressure tanks, which eases the high cost of replacement, but have no fear, they can still be well utilized in much larger tanks that are already installed.

If you have any questions about our variable frequency drive that we are now implementing, please contact us today!