Installing a Backup Power Source for your water well before Winter

home backup generatorThis fall, many homeowners are preparing their homes for what comes next; winter. As the weather grows cold across Massachusetts, New Hampshire and the rest of the Northeast, consider installing a backup generator in case of a power outage. With a winter that is projected to be fairly bad, ice storms and blizzards are a strong possibility. A good generator will allow you to keep your heating system operational, keeping your warm and safe as it prevents your pipes from freezing.

For families whose water comes from a well, a backup generator will also ensure a fresh supply of water during a substantial power outage.  Here at Northeast Water Wells, we also recommend having a well maintenance check performed before the snow sets in. Yearly maintenance will ensure your system is functioning properly and that you are ready to take on the cold months ahead.

Already have a generator for potential power failures? Take some time to check it over and have routine maintenance performed to ensure everything is running as it should. Purchase a preventative maintenance kit and a cold weather kit as well. A cold weather kit will help your generator to start on the coldest of days and a preventative maintenance kit is good to have in case something breaks down during a power outage. Finally, check to make sure you have enough fuel for a few weeks of use.

As you prepare for the winter weather ahead, contact us online or by calling 1-800-562-WELL to set up a well maintenance appointment. Emergency services are available every day of the year, so if something goes wrong this upcoming winter, be sure to call us right away!

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