Fall Maintenance Checklist

couple cleaning their yard for the fallAs the weather grows cooler and the leaves begin falling across the Massachusetts and New Hampshire area, it is time to get started on their maintenance. Here at Northeast Water Wells, Inc. we have compiled a checklist for homeowners to follow while preparing for the chilly winter months ahead. Start from beneath the ground and travel up to the roof of your home for an overall inspection.

Under Ground

Begin your fall maintenance routine with the two basic necessities: Heat and water. Change the filters on your furnace and have it inspected to ensure everything is in working order before the cold sets in. Set up a preventative maintenance appointment to have your well checked too. Water well maintenance should be performed every year to ensure your system is functioning at peak performance.

While you are in the basement, check the windows for drafts and cracked panes as well, to ensure your home is properly insulated.

Across the Lawn

Perform a sweep of the exterior of your home, checking for loose weather stripping and cracks in the foundation and driveway. Fix any problems you come across and then start swapping out screens for storm windows.

Rake up your leaves and stow gardening and lawn care supplies like hoses and the lawn mower. Clean and store outdoor furniture and check to make sure porch floors and railings are stable. Drain and winterize sprinkler systems as well to prevent cracked pipes.

On the Roof

Make sure your drainage system is running property before the snow hits, starting with the gutters. Unclog leaves and pine needles and cover your gutters with mesh guards to keep debris out for the rest of the season. Inspect joints and replace damaged portions for a safe winter.

Once you are sure the gutters are in good repair, head further up the roof to inspect for loose and missing shingles. Water damage is one of the biggest problems that comes along with snow, so make sure your house is ready to stand up to the winter weather before it hits.

From cleaning the gutters to installing storm windows, there are plenty of projects to tackle. Shorten your list by contacting Northeast Water Wells online or at 1-800-562-WELL to set up your preventative maintenance check. We are happy to help you ensure your home is ready for the winter months ahead.