Typical indicators of a Acidic pH in water issued are, detection of Green staining on the faucets and fixtures. pH issues in water quality that are not addressed can cause damage or pinholes to surface in copper piping within a home. This can lead to unwanted leaks and can be very damaging and costly to repair. Acidic water can also cause appliances to have a shorter lifespan than expected and also cause any metals such a brass fitting to corrode over time. Acidic water can also cause hair color treatments to show a greenish tint more noticeable with lighter colors and can be a nuisance item worthy of correction.

Some considerations on water sources that have acidic water would be to install an acid Neutralizing system to balance the levels ideally to above 6.9. We recommend levels that test 5.0-6.7 utilize a crushed marble sacrificial media that dissolves in acidic water to get a neutral balance. This process can add some hardness to the water. Crushed and Screened white marble media is Calcite material that can be used inexpensively to make corrosive low pH effluent to neutral levels. Calcite is natural calcium carbonate media. One of the main benefits is that Calcite has self limiting properties and is commonly recommended for a majority of pH Boosting requirements.

Additionally it should be considered that when a pH filter is required, any items prior to the Neutralizing filter should be changed to Stainless or PVC fittings. Tanks that have steel components should also be a consideration for having them changed to a fiberglass to prevent all products prior to treatment from corrosion.