FAQ of a New Well Owner

When you’re new to well, anything, you might have some questions about it. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions that come up with when someone discovers they have a well.

What is a Drilled Well?

A drilled well is a hole that is bored into the ground, where the upper half of it is covered in a lining. The lining prevents the walls below from collapsing and with a seal prevents the surface from contaminating the water supply.

How much water is needed?

The answer to this would depend on how much water is needed throughout the household. If there is irrigation, or hot tubs, multiple bathrooms, or other utilities that will need water, it will make a difference. The NGWA suggests the rate of 7 gallons per minute for the average household. Many towns will require 5 GPM, which is generally considered a minimum. Irrigation contractors will ask for 10 GPM just for the irrigating alone. However, it is best to talk to the professionals about your home’s individual needs.

What determines the depth of my well?

Drilling can be very unpredictable. There isn’t an exact science to locating the water before drilling. However, consulting with your neighbors might give you a good idea of what to expect. Also, consulting a State or Local Regulating agency might help, as they might have records on file.

What needs to be done before and after drilling?

Each instance is different, but depending on your local area, it can make a difference with how much needs to be done in order to prepare and what will need to be done by subcontractors. Either you can use the local contractors you are familiar with or we can subcontract everything for you, leaving you with very little to worry about.

Where is the best location for a well?

Once you can taken into account the state and local requirements, then the best area will be decided by you. The accessibility of the drill can be a factor for the remaining area. Some examples of setbacks would be having the well a certain distance away from septic systems, property lines and utilities. Contacting your local Board of Health or Building Permits office and they can tell you specific requirements.

Will drilling make a mess of my yard?

It the construction and landscaping hasn’t been completed then it will be a simple clean up job. There may be minor landscaping and construction may be needed. However, you will have a speedy recovery and great new water source!