Constant Pressure Pumping Systems Todays Standard with Massachusetts and New Hampshire Well Owners

Five years ago the terminology of Constant pressure pumps, VFD pumps or Variable frequency drives seemed foreign however today it’s what everyone is looking for. The purpose of these systems is to provide the send consumer with a constant pressure feed to there business or residence, however constant pressure pumping is not the only benefit the end user obtains by choosing this upgrade. The systems benefits of Constant pressure systems are well worth the added upfront cost of this upgrade and the Return on investment at least in my opinion will be seen for years to come.

At Northeast Water Wells Inc our main line of pumping systems is Franklin Electric and their constant pressure lineup is called the Sub-drive and Mono-drive series. Franklin Electric Sub-drives and Mono-drives are available in 2 wire and 3 wire systems along with the newly released solar line. The sub-drive line is primarily used in new installs and total rehabilitations, the Mono-drive is primarily used for existing construction in which the current pump is still viable and the new solar line is great for anyone interested in renewable energies and is great in farming applications where conventional energies are not readily availible.

Variable Frequency Drive systems have many benefits beyond providing constant pressure to the end consumer. Franklin Electrics variable frequency drive unit have soft start and soft stop features built into them. This feature eliminates the torque of the motor starting at such a force that it slams and beats the pump off the walls of the well putting wear and tear on the pump unit and wire. Variable Frequency drive units utilize smaller tanks which reduces install and replacement costs. All Franklin electric drive units come standard with built in diagnostic features giving you a series of codes to relay to technicians should a problem arise along with built in surge protection. The drive units control pump speed to provide optimum performance without overloading the motor.

If you are interested in learning more about constant pressure systems in MA and NH call and speak with one of our trained professionals today.

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