Assess your Well and Sell it Too!

When preparing to buy or sell a home, you think about a lot of things. Is the foundation sound? Have there been any recent updates? What is the neighborhood like?

If you haven’t thought about whether your home has a well, then you should. Wells can be a great asset to a home; they should be assessed in order to see what kind of condition they are in.

It’s pretty common for our customers to come to us asking for testing to be done on their wells at home. There are lots of different names for these tests. It could be a Quantity and Quality test, a Real Estate Transfer, or even “You know, that test for the wells. The ones you do for homes.”

Whatever you decide to call it, this is a test that you will want to invest in. There are often special prices for real estate as well, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home. They are fairly simple and cost around $599 for the test. This is usually split between the seller and the buyer. Even though they are simple, many take the information and run.

The key is once you have the results of the testing, you need to see what the information means. Just because there is a little bit of bacteria in the well, or the pH is higher than normal doesn’t mean it has to negatively reflect the rest of the home. Don’t let your money go to waste by not interpreting the information and making the best of what is in front of you.

Once you get results on your well, take a moment to call Northeast Water Wells Inc and discuss your well options. For many, having a well can be a huge selling point!