Are you considering an Irrigation Water Well in Massachusetts and New Hampshire?

Irrigation Wells are becoming more and more popular among homeowners in the region. Many homeowners have invested thousands of dollars in lawn irrigation systems, and maintenance however a huge percentage of these homeowners and even commercial property owners rely on municipal water systems as the water supply to feed these systems. Today with droughts, water bans, along with large increases in supply costs many homeowners are increasingly looking for better and more feasible methods of watering their lawns.

The first step when approaching an Irrigation Water Well project would be to determining what flow requirements your system is going to need to operate sufficiently. The output of an irrigation system and a pumping system for that matter is measured in GPM (gallons per minute). If you already have an irrigation system in place you can call your provider/ Maintenance Company and request the systems GPM requirements. If you are still in the processes of installing a system it’s generally a good idea to talk to an irrigation specialist prior to installing to well to ensure that the systems are engineered accordingly to work efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is there a difference between an Irrigation Water Well and a Standard Residential well? NO. The construction of the well is absolutely the same however typically a higher horsepower pump is recommended but not necessary to achieve the proper head pressure.
  2. What water quality testing is recommended for Irrigation Wells?  Usually a minimum of a Stain Package is recommended yearly or bi- yearly
  3. What is the typical flow requirement for a residential irrigation well? Typically 10- 15GPM or Gallons Per Minute.
  4. How much do Drilled Irrigation Water Wells Cost fully installed? Typically the complete project cost is around $6500 to $10000 depending on Final well depth and flow requirements.

This Article was written by: Ashley Connolly Operations Manager


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  1. Dianne carrasquillo

    Currently have a lawn irrigation system. Are very interested in having a well installed. We live in Framingham ma


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