What does preventative Maintenance on artesian water wells mean to homeowners in Massachusetts and New Hampshire?

What does preventative Maintenance on artesian water wells mean to homeowners in Massachusetts and New Hampshire? 

Many homeowners across Massachusetts an New Hampshire are becoming increasingly aware of the maintenance involved in owning an artesian water well or drilled water well and submersible pump or jet pump system. Over the past 10 years the water systems council along with the National Ground Water Association has run numerous consumer awareness campaigns regarding the importance of preventative maintenance on water well systems along with water quality testing. However even with this being said only a very small percentage of well owners follow proper water well maintenance and water quality testing protocols.

What does a water well maintenance inspection at Northeast Water Wells Inc involve?

At Northeast our preventative maintenance water well inspections include: verifying proper air pressure in well pressure tank, running system diagnostics to detect any electrical supply or component issues, ensure entire pump and tank system is operating within manufacture specifications and checking the integrity of the well seal. This procedure allows us to ascertain and detect any small issues before they become big issues and also make minor system adjustments to increase the overall longevity of the water well pumping system.

What is not included in Northeast Water Wells routine well maintenance inspections? 

Many consumers get confused between the difference between routine water well maintenance inspections and specialized services and tests. The following elements are not included in routine maintenance however are absolutely services provided by Northeast Water wells inc : pressure testing of lines for leak detection, water well flow analysis, water quality testing, well depth and water well pump depth or setting, nominal flow capacity of pump however any of these can be added onto water well preventative maintenance upon request. 

What are common issues that present themselves during water well preventative maintenance?

The most common issues are usually addressed during routine preventative maintenance inspections unbalanced or water logged tanks, non- water tight well caps, broken gauges, faulty or poorly adjusted pressure switches, leaky valves or tank tees, grounded out motors or motors and pumps not running under correct manufacturer specifications, addressing buried well concerns among others. Once the system is diagnosed the technician will write up a detailed report along with price quotations for all system repairs needed along with system upgrade recommendations if applicable. Common system upgrades would include Constant Pressure Drives and Pumping system, Conversions from a jet pump to submersible pump, upgrade to a larger tank size if undersized for home or system specifications, low water shut off switches among others.

How often should I perform Maintenance on my Water well?  

Northeast Water Wells Inc recommends to our clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to perform preventative maintenance on their water well and pumping system yearly or bi- yearly along with routine water quality testing analysis.

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