If there are iron stains on your sinks, bathtubs, or toilets. If your water has the sulfur odor of “rotten eggs”, if it takes large amounts of soap to clean dishes, wash your hair or suffer the “orange hair” effect sometimes caused by iron in water, you probably have water what can be successfully treated with an Iron Breaker III iron and H2S treatment/removal system.

Iron if not treated will cause Yellow and Brown type stains on fixtures and clothing. Over time iron build up can clog pipes and appliances. The excessive build up can lead to inefficient appliances and a shortened lifespan, all adding to the cost of maintaining appliances while increasing the amount of energy consumed in your home.

Iron Breaker III Eliminates Iron and the effects of Hydrogen Sulfide and can also be used for Manganese removal as well.

Until recently, the most common solution for problem iron and H₂S water involved the use of harsh chemicals and complicated equipment, requiring regular care and service by the homeowner or water treatment professional.

The Iron Breaker III, by Charger, now offers the “natural” solution for removing iron and H₂S. A proven patented technology that uses natures own oxidation process to eliminate iron and H₂S without chemicals, without air compressors, without aerators and without external ventures’. Using natures own oxidation process, leaving you with fresh, clean, odor free water throughout your home.

How Iron Breaker III Functions

The Iron Breaker III stores a “bubble” of air, compressed by your well pressure, within the media tank. As your water passes thru the air, the iron or H₂S is converted to a particle which is then trapped by the catalytic filter media in the tank while the air “bubble” is gradually consumed by the passing water.

For regeneration, the unit first “backwashes” itself, removing any iron particles it has trapped. The system then replenishes the “air bubble” by drawing in atmosphere, temporarily emptying the tank of all water and transferring oxygen molecules into and on the surface of the media bed where all oxidation occurs. The system then returns to the “service” position, again filtering your water.

Add the ozone generator option and the Iron Breaker III system is automatically sanitized during the regeneration process.

Summary of Benefits

  • Eliminates iron stains from occurring
  • Provides clean, odor free water
  • Protects your water softener equipment from ”iron fouling”
  • Protects plumbing fixtures, appliances and clothing
  • Protects pipes from iron clogging and black oxidation caused by H₂S
  • Eliminates the need for chemical feed treatment systems

Call today to see if Iron Breaker III is a good fit to your water system solution.