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Arsenic is present in one in five water wells in New Hampshire reports NHPR

  Arsenic is present in 1 in 5 wells inNew Hampshire  Just this past monthNew Hampshirepublic radio featured an article regarding the presence of Arsenic inNew Hampshirewater wells urging water well owners to test water at the recommendation of the Department of Environmental Safety. I personally can attest as not only as a water well professional… Read more

Are you considering having a water well drilled in MA and NH ?

� �  Are you considering having a water drilled on your property?  Here is a bit of info to get your started.   There are two main sources of water available today:  water wells and public water supply.    When you own a well you are in control of what’s in your water, how much water you… Read more

The Objective of Water Well Abandonment/ Decommisioning in MA and NH.

Many consumers do not understand the importance of water well abandonment also known as water well decommissioning. This Blog is dedicated to debuting the myth behind this often time confusing practice. The main concern regarding unused and/improperly abandoned wells is simple these wells are a direct and significant threat to the ground water quality and… Read more